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Nanjing Institute of Tourism & Hospitality is situated in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, China. It is a state owned pubilc tertiary education institution. The institute was founded in 1978 and was the first vocational school in China after the country’s reform and opening-up. The institute offers three-year diploma and certificate courses ideal for graduates.
Covering a total area of 27 hectares, there are now 3100 students on campus and over 5000 students will be enrolled in 2010. The institute enjoys a high reputation in the industry, and is known as the “cradle for advanced tourism personnel” in China. More than ten specialties are provided, such as hotel management, culinary art, travel agency operation and management, e-tourism marketing, English, Japanese, and Korean and so on.
In 2007, the institute was awarded as “The Best Team in Tourism Industry” by the National Personnel Department And National Tourism Bureau.
Employment Package
Requirements on foreign teacher/expert
Working Experience:■one year
Kind of Teacher:■teacher
Nationality:■USA ■UK ■Canada ■Australian
Vacancy:■ three
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ:■ yes
The time the employment contract be offered:■before the arrival
Contract time:■one year (from November 1st, 2010 to July 10th, 2011 )
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract:■yes
Starting time: ■November 1st,2010 
Working place:■on campus
Workload:■ 20 class hours per week (45 minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ■the fifteenth on the following month
Courses:■spoken English ■conversation
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account: ■ yes
Boarding place:■on campus or off campus
Transport:■school bus/bus ■walk ■other
Is the accommodation "FAO Approved" for foreigners:■yes
Is accommodation self-contained: ■yes
The floor space: 30 (Square meter)
Inside the accommodation:
■one bedroom ■Sitting Room ■Bathroom/Toilet ■European Toilet ■Bathtub/Shower
■Color TV  ■ (CCTV9) English Channel   
■Refrigerator ■Complete set of furniture ■Washing Machine
■24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas ■Air conditioning ■Microwave/oven
■A-Z miscellaneous items (bedding, blanket, pillow, towel,       
sleeper, etc.)
■All kinds of cooking utilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans)
With the accommodation, who pays for:
Water:■school and teacher
Electricity:■school and teacher
Gas:■ teacher and teacher
Phone local:■ teacher
Long distance:■ teacher
Internet connection:■school
Can relatives and friend visit the teacher at school: ■yes
1. Water and Electricity allowance will be RMB 300 yuan, any amount over that shall be paid by foreign teachers.
2. The other details of teacher’s apartment (off campus): There are two living rooms in a suite. A teacher can live alone, or two teachers share one suite according to their own will. Foreign teacher can take school bus on old campus. From the apartment to the old campus, foreign teacher may go by bus. Alternatively, foreign teacher may choose go directly to the school by subway.
The School Size and Facilities Provided
The size of the school:272000 m2
Area covered by buildings:168000 m2
Does the school take boarders:■yes  How Many:3000
How many students: 4000   How many teachers: 600  
The range of Age:18-22   How many students in one class:40  
Students’ English level: ■ Basic ■Intermediate
Facility of the school:■Gymnasium ■Dinning Room ■Library (English) ■Infirmary
Facility Around:■Supermarket ■Bus Station ■Railway Station
The name of the nearest large city:Nanjing    City
Population:800    (million)
Temperature City range:■summer
Are the Medical Facilities available:■Yes
In an emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities:10   Minutes


How to apply

Please contact us at the e-mail of with your full resume attached. Once we receive your e-mail we will contact you as soon as possible.

For more inquiries, please contact:
Foreign Affair Case Manager
TEL: 86-571-88234567