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Tsingying Foreign Language School
Tsingying Foreign School is a modern private, invested by Changzhou Binhu Construction and Development Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Hutangqiao Central Primary School offers the teaching management.

The school is located in No.5 Xihu Road, Wujin Hi-Tech Zone, covering an area of nearly 150 acres.
We have had the students, enrollment since 2007. Now there are 21 existing classes, nearly 800 students and more than 60 Chinese and foreign staff, including 14 foreign teachers, 33% of District Graded Teachers and academic leaders.
School Management Strategies
Make Education a Trip
To lay the background color of life for kids to grow up to be the citizen of the world with a big vision and broadened mind.
School Motto
Always Ready!

Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University
Five Willow Primary School in United Kingdom
Helen International Exchange Center affiliated to Zhejiang University
International language organizations in the United States
Demonstrate language features Cultivate students, specialty.
Make Tsingying be a free encyclopedia.
Let the students step into the world from here!
Tsingying, the cradle of the elite.

1. The cooperative management of Foreign and Chinese principals
We invite foreign education expert as senior principal, who brings the western culture and lead to develop.
2. An integration of Chinese and foreign courses
Our education is open to the world and integrated with the international education, including the use of foreign materials and teaching tools, overseas training of teachers and students and students, small language classes. Our teaching is standard and advanced, rational and perceptual.
3. The strong combination
We are combined with Hutang Experimental Middle School. The complete facilities and the sharing of resources make it easy for the students to enter elite schools.
4. Intimate and perfect life service
We care the students, physical and mental health, concerned about the development of the students, behavior and the upgrading quality of students. We offer the most attentive service for students to grow up happily.

Employment Package
Requirements on Foreign teacher/expert
Gender: ■unspecific    
Education: ■bachelor ■master
Major: ■unspecific
Working Experience: ■two years
Kind of Teacher: ■teacher
Age: ■unspecific
Nationality: ■USA ■UK ■Canada ■Australian ■Others
Language: ■English
Vacancy: ■ 3 three
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ: ■ yes
The time the employment contract be offered: ■before the arrival
Contract time: ■one year (from Sept 1st, 2010 to June 30th, 2011)
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract: ■yes
Starting time: ■September 2010
Working place: ■on campus
Workload: ■18 class hours per week (45 minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ■the fifteenth on the following month
Courses: ■one teacher for English, Social Study and Personal &Social Education (IB PYP standard)
                ■one teacher Math, Science &Technology and IT (IB PYP standard)
                ■one teacher PE and Arts (IB PYP standard)
                Note: If the school doesn,t start IB PYP program, within the workload, foreign teachers will be responsible for the course teaching (ordinary standard) and the IB PYP program preparation, such as teaching staff training, etc.
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account: ■ yes
Boarding place: ■on campus
Transport: ■bike ■school bus/bus ■walk ■other
boarding: ■apartment
Is the accommodation "FAO Approved" for foreigners: ■yes
Is accommodation self-contained: ■yes
The floor space: 30(Square meter)
Inside the accommodation:
        ■one bedroom ■Sitting Room ■Bathroom/Toilet ■European Toilet ■ Bathtub/Shower
        ■Kitchen ■Color TV ■Telephone (IDD) ■ (CCTV9) English Channel   
        ■Refrigerator ■VCD/DVD ■Complete set of furniture ■Washing Machine
        ■24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas ■Air conditioning ■Microwave/oven
        ■A-Z miscellaneous items (bedding, blanket, pillow, towel,