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Yueqing Bojue Kindergarten is located at the Second Ring Road in Yueqing City, in the front of the People’s Court Building. This kindergarten is a big modern one that just likes the aircraft carrier of preschool education in Wenzhou City. The kindergarten has joined in the “Energy Baby” -the first brand of educational effect in China. There are grand buildings, special style, unique arrangement and excellent facility in this kindergarten. To use the best teachers, management, facility and educational effect that bring up the best bilingual language kindergarten.

Yueqing Bojue Kindergarten on purpose of “to make up the brief heart, stimulate the vigor body and open the creative mind”, adhering “to gather energy behind the starting line, and then win the future” as the school’s opinion.
This kindergarten broke the traditional preschool education mode, creating a unique teaching method. The kindergarten starts a high-position intelligent development, energy course, bilingual language study (the parents can see their children’s situation at any time) and a variety of courses that the kids can choose, to achieve the cultivate purpose between the kindergarten and parents.
This kindergarten’s unique obligatory courses are: Tai Chi, ballet, piano, jazz drums, calligraphy, painting and chess. And the elective courses are: violin, electronic keyboard, Erhu, ethnic dancing, Cha-cha Latin dance, Weiqi (Go) and little host art.

Yueqi Bojue Kindergarten is a children’s paradise that it so comfortable, lovable. The kindergarten supplies a confidence, relax, harmony, independent and self-discipline spiritual circumstance with love, childlike innocence, patient and sincerity together. To choose Yueqing Bojue Kindergarten, build the successful bridge for your children!
Requirements on Foreign Teachers
Gender:   ■unspecific  
Education: ■bachelor   
Major: ■unspecific
Working Experience:■unspecific
Kind of Teacher:■Teacher
Nationality:■from Europe and N/S America
Vacancy:■1 one
Time: ■one academic year

Contract Terms

Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ: ■ yes
The time the employment contract be offered: ■after the arrived
Contract time:■one term or one academic year (from Sep. 1st, 2010 to Jun.30th , 2011)
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract:■ yes    
Starting time: asap
Working place:■on campus
Workload: ■ 60 class hours per week (30 minutes per class hour)
Courses: ■Spoken English
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account: ■yes
Boarding place: ■ On campus
Is the accommodation “FAO Approved” for foreigners:■yes   
Is accommodation self-contained: ■yes
The floor space:  60-70    (Square meter)
Inside the accommodation :■two bedroom  
                ■Sitting room
                ■European Toilet
                ■Air conditioning        
                ■(CCTV9) English Channel
                ■Washing machine
                ■Complete set of furniture
                ■24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas
                ■Color TV
                ■A-Z miscellaneous items(bedding ,blanket ,pillow, towel ,etc.)
With the accommodation, who pays for:
Within RMB 350 yuan, the school will pay for it, any amount over that shall be the responsibility of foreign teacher.
                 Water:                            school
                 Electricity:                       school
                 Gas:                                school
                 Phone local:                    school
                 Long distance:                teacher
                 Internet connection:       school
Can relatives and friends visit the teacher at school: ■ yes   
Other: Different genders shouldn’t spend the whole night and stay over 23:00 during class.
The School Size and Facilities Provided
The size of the school:     5800 sqm2
How many students: 350       How many teachers: 50   
The range of students’ age: 2-6      How many students in one class:  20-22   
Students’ English level: ■ Basic
Facility of the school:■Dinning Room   ■Gymnasium