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1.What is my destination or point of arrival in china?

Most teachers this year are arriving in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou and catching a connecting same day flight into the capital city of their particular province. At your destination you will be greeted by your contracted schools representatives at the airport. We advise that you employ the services that ING West Travel offer as they are quite familiar with China and will assist you with all the processes that are required to be followed, in relation to your visa etc. whilst at the same time provide you with the cheapest airfare available.

2.When am I expected to arrive?

This will depend on a school by school basis, however in the vast majority of cases your expected arrival date will be stated very clearly on the employment package that is provided and complete by your contracted school.

3.How much cash should I bring with me on arrival?

We usually advise that between $USD800 in cash is more than enough for the first month. One is able to live in China on approximately $USD200 per month quite comfortably.

You can convert money, if you wish, once you arrive in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou at the airport.

4.Can I use my credit card in China?

Using a credit card is advisable only as an emergency and not for everyday use. A credit card can only be used in very large cities in China were the facilities are available. Whilst the systems are improving rapidly we advise that you only consider using a credit card in emergency situations.

China is primarily a cash based society and as such we advise that teachers use cash or bank accounts in which to conduct their transactions.

Please also keep in mind that as you will be a resident of China for the duration of your Chinese working visa you are able to establish a bank account in China. It is from this bank account from which you can conduct all transactions. We or your contracted school Foreign Director, will assist you with opening this account.

5.How will I know, who my school representatives are, when I arrive at the airport?

It is quite easy to meet your school representatives at the airport. After you collect your baggage from the baggage claim area at the airport, everyone must walk through one particular exit gate. Standing just outside the gate will be your school representatives holding a big sign MISS TRACY SMITH – HUNAN NUMBER 3987 MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Remember also that they have a picture of you, so they know exactly who they are looking for. This is the reason the school request your flight details, so that the school can arrange to connect with you at the airport.

Remember also you have the school’s contact details in China if you need assistance with anything whatsoever.

6.If my city is outside a large city, is it difficult to travel?

As the bus and railway system in China is excellent, traveling to larger cities is relatively easy. Generally speaking there is a bus leaving to any destination in China from any city in China every 15 minutes.

7.I hope the move does not become too stressful. Psychologists say that the two most stressful times in a persons life are marriage/divorce and moving.

It is aware of the extent of the move that is required for people to come to China in order to undertake a teaching position. It is for this reason that schools have designed a process that, intentionally as its base, has underlying support throughout the entire process, from the initial application, to the provision of an employment package, assistance with all travel enquiries and arrangements, visa processing support and a full and comprehensive support network throughout your entire stay in China.

It is schools’ goal to make the transition to the positions that they offer as comfortable and supportive as they possibly can, both in your country and in China, as we are aware of the extent of such a move for most of our applicants and teachers.

8.How long does my visa take to process?

Your visa processing, once your contracted school have supplied you or an authorized representative to act on your behalf, with all the official documents from the relevant Government Departments in China, takes approximately one week to complete. It is possible to request of the Chinese Embassy in your country an express processing, in which case you are able to obtain your Z visa within three working days.

9.How do I obatin a Chinese z working visa?

What is required is that, we forward the requested documents to the relevant Education Department here and the relevant provincial State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs for official processing. After positioning you in a Chinese school, college or University your contracted institution completes the processing with the aforementioned departments and then forwards to you an invitation to work for them here in China. It is with this invitation ONLY that you are able to obtain a Chinese Z working visa.

10.Where will the processing of my details take p

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