1.Are there embassies and consulates where I am going?

There are Embassies and consulates throughout China, which administer different regions. Any queries or requests that you may make, either via email or phone, are speedily dealt with. There are four Consulates:

  1. Beijing administers the northern part of China.
  2. Shanghai office, which administers the central parts of China.
  3. Hong Kong and
  4. Guangzhou, which administer the southern regions of China

2.What is the commonest reason for people to do this in China?

Obviously the reasons why people choose to come to China in order to teach English varies from person to person, male to female and from different age groups to different age groups.

If we were to suggest a few underlying similarities in teachers reasoning for coming to China to teach, one would be to experience the culture and lifestyle here in China. When we say culture we mean the different people, places, traditions and foods etc.

Another reason would be to obtain teaching experience. China is an extremely good place in which to do this, as the conditions under which a teacher can teach, live and work are extremely good, when compared to other countries.

3.What are the end goals for Chinese people who are taught conversational English?

The end goals are to be able to speak to a level that allows Chinese people to be able to speak to and listen and understand you as a native fluent English speaker. Chinese people, and in particular students, are well aware of the fact that English is now the language by which we communicate internationally.

These students are quite excellent at writing, reading and grammar, however they lack speaking ability as their curriculums have neglected the oral or speaking component of English for many years. Now they are, through the employment of foreign teachers, placing a greater emphasis on speaking ability. After all it is the most important component of any language.

4.Do schools have boarders?

Most schools in China have boarders to some extent, as most of the Chinese population live and work in the ‘countryside’ the best students must board in city schools to obtain a better education. The number of boarders in most schools amounts to, in general, 20-30% of the student population. They are accommodated in separate buildings away from teachers housing.

5.What are the weather conditions like in winter?

In winter the weather is quite cold, with an average daily temperature of approximately 4-6 degrees. It remains that way until mid-February. At which point the weather gradually warms up until we average beautiful spring days of approximately 20 degrees.  This lasts until the start to mid-May.

It continues to warm until we are in the midst of summer and the temperature is quite hot averaging 28-30 degrees, summer extends until mid-September. The temperature gradually decreases into autumn, which has temperatures much like spring and continues through to winter when it begins to get cold at the start of December.

This obviously varies from region to region.

6.What is the official language of the area?

The stated official language of China is Mandarin, which is used in the majority of the country. Cantonese is only used in the south of China.

7.Will I be provided with a map indicating where my contracted city is?

The schools will upon acceptance of you employment package provide you with a detailed map of your province and exactly where your contracted city is along with a list of important information pertaining to your city.

8.What kind of service does your organization provide for teachers, students and global education organizations?

Our organization is devoted to posting information on both recruitment and cooperation. It has held a senior strategy position at the most successful EFL website in China. Those who are interested in teaching/working/studying/cooperation with schools in China can contact the host schools directly according to the connection information on our website or register on We will keep your information in our databank and circulate it among the potential employers (China TEFL Network members) and they will contact you soon.

If all these methods failed we can also be an intermediary between you and the school at any time. The purpose of the service is to assist those who are interested in teaching English in China to locate positions at Chinese colleges/universities and private institutions. Offers on or outside our website will be provided as we have been entrusted by thousands of universities and schools to recommend foreign teachers / students for them. Our service is absolutely free for foreign teachers / students. Besides we also arrange the paperwork ready for the teacher to apply for visa, sign the contract with the school and pick-up at the airport and so on.

9.What kind of positions can you recommend?

We can recommend English teachers who are interested in year-l

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