1.What vaccinnations should I receive before entering China?

If you make an appointment to consult with your local GP he will advise you in regard to the vaccinations that are required or advised for people to have before coming to China. There is a sanctioned list authorized by the World Health Organization that all GP’s use as a reference when advising on and administering vaccinations.  Usually a full course of all the vaccinations will take about one and half to two weeks.

2.What does my health (medical and dental) insurance cover?

Your medical insurance covers injuries or costs incurred due to an illness, suffered whilst in China. Which schools, of course, hope will not happen. Chinese schools and the Government treat the health and well-being of all foreigners in China very highly and very seriously. The extent of your medical coverage will be outlined in your employment package completed by your contracted school.

3.What happens if I get sick?

Basic health care is provided by the clinic or hospital nominated by the school and they will usually ensure you are covered for the costs of unexpected medical expenses should you suddenly take ill.   

In the case of any unusual event (such as injury and accident) occurring during your contractual period of teaching and if the accident happens during scheduled work time or on the way to or from work, the school authority shall pay your entire hospital expenses. If you require comprehensive insurance, we suggest you take out private cover before leaving home. EMERGENCY EVACUATION INSURANCE CAN BE A GOOD IDEA.

Please also remember that China’s health system is extremely modern and operates along western lines and procedures, the old wives tales such as "The Chinese reuse needles" is utter nonsense.

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