1.Is linen supplied with my accommodation or must I bring bedding from abroad?

Everything required for the purposes of usual every day living, including linen (usually one change of bedding etc), are provided to you. If you require an item that is not supplied, it is a simple matter of requesting the school to provide it – schools are usually very accommodating in regard to this.

As is stated very clearly in the information packages supplied by us, and the employment package that is completed by your school, the details as to your accommodation are outlined.

2.How many teachers will live together in the accommodation that is offered?

In the majority of cases you, as a foreign teacher, will have your OWN, SEPARATE fully self-contained, outfitted and decorated APARTMENT. Thus, your living environment will be NON-SHARED.

Some teachers do live in shared apartments with only one other occupant, however, this is quite rare and the apartments are quite large. Furthermore, if this is the case you will be informed well in advance through the submission of your employment package.

3.Do I have access to an international phone line?

When the employment package you receive from your contracted school states that you are provided with international calls, it means that that service is available in your apartment. That is, the usually school pays the bond money for you to have access to international call facilities.

4.Are there any restictions placed on me regarding my apartment and having guests?

There are no restrictions placed on you whatsoever especially in terms of your personal social contact. It is for this reason you are encouraged to have visitors as it contributes to the social fabric, which underpins Chinese life.

5.Is internet supplied and is English speaking TV available?

Internet accessibility is supplied as most school now have or are in the process of connecting the entire school system to the internet. In some classrooms now, teachers are able to use the internet as part of their teaching methods.

English speaking television programs are very regular and they range from movies, English instructional/lesson programs, news, sports and dramas. Most cities have at least one channel that is totally dedicated to English programs of all varieties, if not this can be obtained at a small cost.

6.Will I get a European toilet/western toilet or a non Eupoean tiolet in my apartment and what is the difference between the two?

In the majority of cases teachers will be provided with a European toilet/western toilet in their apartment, these are toilets to which the Westerners have become accustomed. In certain situations a teacher will be provided with a non-European toilet.

A non-western toilet is a toilet that is a little different to what the Westerners are used to. It is a Chinese toilet, which can be adapted so that you are able to sit down whilst going to the toilet, and as such is similar to a ‘western’ toilet.

7.What items are provided in my apartment?

All necessary living and cooking items are supplied for you in your free accommodation, a detailed list is provided in your employment package.

You can reasonably expect the inclusion of most of the following items, appliances and facilities (However please note:  This is not a checklist, only a guide). Most schools will provide a completed employment package for your perusal and signature as a condition of acceptance.

1) Color TV (China has one official English language Channel, CCTV9)
2) Radio (not usual, but most schools will oblige if asked)
3) Air Conditioning
4) Heating in all northern and western provinces, elsewhere in colder climes.
5) Computer with Internet Connectivity  (most often in your unit, sometimes at the school for your personal use)
6) Telephone  
7) Fax (usually at school and available for your use)
8) Washing and (hang) drying facilities
9) Refrigerator
10) Microwave or oven and /or gas cooker.
11) China Daily or other English paper is usually available locally.
12) All kinds of cooking utilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots and pans)
13) Complete set of furniture
14) Supply of purified or mineral water
15) 24-Hour supply of electricity and water
16) A-Z miscellaneous items (bedding, blanket, pillow, towel, sleeper, etc.)

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