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International Education Highlights (2010) Compiling & Printing Notification

In active answer to the national integrated strategies of rejuvenating our country through science and education and establishing a brand for an institute, Zhejiang University Helen Education Research Center and China TEFL Network, directed by relevant superior departments, have decided to compile and print a large series of Chinese & English bilingual international educational special publication named International Education Highlights, so as to fully display the satisfying achievements schools in China have fulfilled in recent years in international exchange and cooperation.

The schools to be sifted and included in International Education Highlights are in principle model universities and key institutes at all levels, including characteristic schools, to be arranged in 32 chapters (by Chinese administrative division). It’ll be an ideal platform for institutes at all levels to publicize their educational ideas to the outside world, to present themselves, to highlight their international educational achievement and to draw international educational exchange and cooperation.

After printed, International Education Highlights will be circulated in a controlled way via professional channels of the education system. Plenty of the copies will be given free to education administrative departments, educational institutes and school all over the world, as well as to school presidents’ summits and education forums. It’ll also be possible to ask for one copy for free via China TEFL Network ( and its global agent network.

Since International Education Highlights is a public-interest educational publication and schools are non-profit institutes, schools included in the publication only need to pay symbolically just to cover the compiling and printing costs. Institutes at all levels that are interested in becoming included in International Education Highlights and are meanwhile qualified can download the invitation and notification of International Education Highlights at this webpage. For details, please feel free to contact Mr. Jiao at Editorial Dept. (0571-88234567-8838).

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