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Englon International Kindergarten Operations Management Manual

Hangzhou, as one of the seven ancient capitals of China and a famous historical and cultural city, has a long history of 5,000 years,begining in the Liang-zhu Era of the late Neolithic Age. Renowned as a land rich in natural resources and talents,it has been home to generations of wise statesmen and governors, outstanding scientists and artists, immortal patriots,loyal officials, and skilled craftsmen, who left brilliant achievements in their work. With its history merged with the essential ideology, culture, art and religion of Chinese Civilization, and the bridges, water, pagodas, hills and the fairy tales related with the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou is a place of mystery and nostalgia, charms and marvels. Every step here leads you through the history and culture of ancient China. West Lake, a world-heritage selection, makes Hangzhou a renowned historical and cultural Chinese City.

Coins of the past dynasties, together with human and natural beauty, embody the charms of Hangzhou in each important historical period as well as contemporary coin culture.