• • Invitation to International Education Highlights (2010)
  • • International Education Highlights (2010) Compiling & Printing Notification
  • • International Education Highlights (2010) Compiling & Printing Notification(Eng version)
  • • Form for Schools to be Complied & Included

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China TEFL Network Foreign Teachers Handbook

You are now part of our dynamic organization Zhejiang University Helen China TEFL Network better known as China TEFL Network or simply, CTN. Since Helen Chen established CTN in 1999 the company has expanded beyond its original client base in Hangzhou to providing teachers and educational services to schools, universities, kindergartens and vocational institutions throughout the People's Republic of China.CTN has a good reputation and is dedicated to delivering quality educational services to both its foreign oral English teachers and many educational institutions registered with our company. CTN is the first foreign teacher recruitment company in China and recognized by China's State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) We here at CTN, wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your time with us and even your career in China.