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Nankang high school

Updated: 2012-06-08 14:39:09

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The public Nankang high school, founded in September 1939, was located in Nankang city ,the south of Jiangxi province .It covers an area of 4 acres, including the built-up area of 78,000 square meters. Now it is becoming a very distinguished high school in Jiangxi province.

With elegant environment , our school has complete facilities ,including a campus network and  a large library. In the center of the school stand 4 teaching buildings ,which contain 120 classrooms with multi-media. The laboratory building consists of  18 labs and 2 language labs. Also the school has a gym ,standard plastic track ,field of 400 meters,12 basketball courts and 10 badminton courts.

At present, the school has a total enrollment of over 5000 students . There are 378 teaching staffs, including 346 qualified teachers. The subjects ,such as Chinese, maths, English , physics, chemistry, politics, PE are famous in Ganzhou city of jiangxi. With the excellent teachers and good facilities ,of course our school will have a bright future. 

We are desiring to cooperate with a American high school ,which has a long history . 

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