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American schools interested in joining programs with schools in China

Updated: 2009-12-16 09:49:22

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American schools interested in joining programs with schools in China. Please see the following proposal. If schools in China (colleges or universities) are interested in partnering with these American schools please feel free to contact at .

Here is an outline of a proposal for the Chinese partner. It is somewhat general in order to cover what the three potential U S partners can offer. In all cases, English, Business, and Technology for Business are offered. There are currently three potential partners, two private schools in the midwest, and a large public university in the west. All three have solid foreign programs and are seeking partners in China.


It is believed a program can begin this fall if both sides are genuinely interested in moving. Phase one will be establishing introductory and language coureses in China. Phase two will bring business courses to China or bring selected participants to the U S partner#s campus. Timing depends partly on the two schools and partly on reestablishing relationships with the U S consular officers.


This is a proposal to provide an excellent cooperative business program for leaders in business, and (post)graduate students through the - - department of - - Da Xue. The program is offered by a famous U S university: (University.)

University is very well suited to work cooperatively with - - Da Xue and its - - department to offer high quality training to managers at a very reasonable fee. U instructors are famous in the business world and provide excellent, focused instruction for many leading companies.

Several factors mandate provide excellent continuing education to the new leaders of New China. China has entered WTO. Busnisses in China have the responsibility of finding and delivering more key resources in a global economy with significantly greater competition for those resources. Skilled managers are becoming the most important resource of companies today. Ongoing training with the best instructors and methods is vital to keep managers well trained and the company competitive.

Our program offers managers an intensive program to improve their skills in one of three critical areas in management. These are: general management, human resources, and technology for business. In addition, managers will receive intensive language instruction on the - -DX campus before travelling to U.

The program is set up to minimize leaders? time away from their jobs. The cost is very reasonable. Various levels of language ability can be accommodated. The content is directly focused on participants?needs.

We believe this is an excellent opportunity and look forward to working with -- - Da Xue.

Details of certificate, graduate program in U S, and in China, program - outlines.

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