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I am a Canadian citizen with a TESL certificate

Updated: 2009-11-28 11:18:37

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I am a Canadian citizen with a TESL certificate, College Advising and Career Preparation (for completion) Certificate from USA, and run my own company registered in Canada as Great Study Tours, since 1995.

We believe that any subject matter, specially language, is best taught in an interactive state rather than sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher. For this reason, we are offering you a specialized program where we can assure your students of faster and worthwhile learning experiences!

By April and May 2004, 20-25 English speaking University, junior or senior high school students will be finished with their intensive and specialized training courses in handling English classes. These students, ages 14-18 years old, will become Canadian TESL certified instructors, with 100 hours of actual teaching experience. (another batch will be ready by June, July and August 2004).

We would like to seek a one month inter-active teaching job with your school. Two to three of them will be assigned to handle a class of 25 grade school students, teaching English, western etiquettes, reading and writing skills and sports. After school tutoring can be arranged on a case-to-case basis. Their hourly fee is US$ 8.00 per hour, teaching for an average of 25 hrs per week. You will have to provide airport transfers on arrival and departure dates, health insurance, sleeping quarters, 5 hrs of Chinese lessons per week and 3 meals a day, plus amenities like laundry and dishwashing facilities, and heater during winter.

There will be 5 hours of English classes for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students ( 2 hrs. reading and writing; 1 hr. listening skills in music, drama or story-telling and 2 hrs sports/crafts activities).

Weekend field trips and excursions will also form part of this cooperative and interactive program. We will give you a final list of activities and schedules once we come up with a formal agreement.

With this set-up, we can almost guarantee that your students will be singing, speaking and reading English instantly!

Please let me know if this program is of interest to you. We welcome any comments and suggestions.


Nitz Carvajal
CEO, Great Study Tours

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