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EU-China Higher Education Cooperation Programme

Updated: 2009-11-28 09:52:42

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EU-China Higher Education Cooperation Programme

EU-China Higher Education Cooperation Programme is the biggest international cooperation programme in the field of humanities in China since 1949. It was supported by the European Union and operated from 1997 through 2001 to deepen the Sino-European academic ties and to improve the mutual understanding.  It turned out that many partner institutions from Europe, such as University of Paris VIII (France), European University, Institute, University of Hamburg (Germany), University of Mannheim (Germany), Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA), University of Catania (Italy), etc., involved and contributed to the success of the programme. 

As defined by the programme contract, the IES (also in name of Centre for European Studies/CASS) completed 26 collaborative research projects, 57 academic exchange projects and hosted 4 international conferences. As a consequence, the capacity of the IES was greatly strengthened, either in academic quality or in network-building, ensuring a sustained development of the IES in a comprehensive way. The best representation of the Sino-European cooperation through this programme is curricula that these partners have jointly developed and taught on— 

European Politics after World War II, 

European External Relations after World War II; 

European Economic (with electronic version); 

European Legal Studies; 

European Politics Studies; 

Europe and the Outside World.

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