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The Gateway International School of English (G.I.S.O.E.)

Updated: 2009-11-28 09:50:08

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Permit me to introduce the Gateway International School of English (G.I.S.O.E.) to you.

G.I.S.O.E. is a quality-training establishment. It offers dedicated English language courses to management executives of European firms with special international communication needs. The ability to communicate through the medium of English in a manner that is convincing but precise, concise but crystal clear is essential in today,s increasingly globalised business world.

At the same time, however, the English language is becoming increasingly specialized. Responding to its own technical and market needs each sector and sub-sector of industry and services had developed its own specialized English language. There is absolutely no doubt that mastery over the specific English terminologies in use in one,s own sector and sub-sector may spell the difference between failure and success.

It is also clear that specialized languages are in a continuous state of flux, adapting to changing technological and economic conditions. It is not enough to master them once. They must be mastered all the time. Refresher courses are, therefore, the key to communicative survival.

G.I.S.O.E. offers both group and individual tuition but, in any case, it assures its clients that each employee attending a G.I.S.O.E. course is always and invariably given individual and personalized attention.

G.I.S.O.E.,s courses are very thorough but not pedantic and abstract. Course content and teaching methodologies emphasise the real, practical and functional needs of a company,s dynamic operating environment.

G.I.S.O.E. is based in the central Mediterranean Island of Malta. This country offers unique mix of attractive characteristics that has made it one of Europe,s leading English language-teaching centers. The universal use of English, a continental life-style, the mild Mediterranean climate, an impressive archaeological and historical heritage, an exciting but secure night-life, high quality medical services, state-of-the-art international communications and easy access to and from all main European airports. These are the reasons why G.I.S.O.E. has chosen to operate from Malta.

G.I.S.O.E.,s corporate clients also choose Malta because this Island is more than sun, sea, and fun. It is also one of Southern Europe,s most important and fastest growing economic centres. Tourism and high-tech industry, financial services and transshipment, e-commerce and shipping are what Malta is also about. G.I.S.O.E.,s students are able to benefit from first-hand exposure to this vibrant business environment.

Please call us for further information. We look forward to being able to assist you.

Thanking for your attention.

Kind regards,

Gateway International School of English

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