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Leeds University explore collaborate in a mutually beneficial way

Updated: 2009-11-28 09:40:28

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It is possible to set up departmental links if you could explore the possibility of sending students to our specific schools. It would be easier to set up special discount or scholarships for students when a group of students could be sent to the same School/Department in Leeds.

For instance, our School of Environment is keen to recruit more Chinese students on to all of their existing programmes.

At the undergraduate level, they are happy to accept Chinese High School leavers as long as they have achieved good grades in their High School studies and reasonable IELTS scores (at 5.0). The English requirement is lower than our standard one since the students in the School of Environment would study 40 credits in English language during their Level 1 studies, ie. 1/3 of the total Level 1 programme. A special English tutor is also available to provide the students with additional support.

As you run English training programmes, if you#re interested, perhaps you could start a class to prepare a group for IELTS testing. When convenient, we could send a member of staff from the School of Environment to visit you and interview the prospective students if practically possible. The entire Leeds BA degree will take 3 years, but as I mentioned, discount / scholarship is possible for group application of over 10 students.

Please find the web site below listing all the undergraduate courses currently offered by the School:

BA in Environmental Management BSc in Environmental Science
BA in Environmental Sustainability BSc Earth System Science
BA in Environment and Business BSc in Environmental Biogeoscience
BA in Environmental Communication BSc in Environmental Chemistry
BA in Environment and Transport Planning BSc in Meteorology and Atmospheric
BSc in Environmental Pollution
BSc in Environmental Sustainability
BSc in Environmental Conservation

and Related Courses Offered by Other Departments in the University of Leeds:

· BSc in Environmental Energy Science - Energy issues, waste management,
scientific principles
· BSc in Environmental Geology - Geological processes, environmental
geophysics, geochemistry
· BEng in Environmental Energy Engineering - Energy issues, atmospheric
processes, pollution
· BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering - Impact of engineering works
on the environment
· BEng in Environmental Chemical Engineering - Chemical process technology,
hazard analysis
· BEng in Mineral Industry Environmental Engineering - Minerals industry,
mineral chemistry

2. At the postgraduate level, students are also most welcome to apply for our programmes in the School of Environment. Candidates from a broad range of disciplines can apply, including natural, environmental, physical, management and social sciences. Candidates who do not have a background in environmental science will be required to take an environmental science module. Those without a background in management will similarly be expected to pass a management foundation module. I have checked with the school, although our normal entry level is upper second class, which is interpreted as 80% average academic score, our School of Environment would be happy to consider students with minimum of 75% average academic score and IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 (TWE4.0).

Please find below the web site listing their postgraduate programmes:

MA Ecological Economics
MA Environment and Business
MA Environmental Consultancy
MA Environmental Enterprise and Innovation

Taught Postgraduate Environmental courses offered through other departments
at the University of Leeds:
· MSc Environmental Pollution Control, offered through the Department of
Fuel and Energy
· MSc/MA Geographical Information Systems (GIS), offered through the School
of Geography
· MSc GIS for Catchment Management, offered through the School of Geography
· MSc Catchment Dynamics and Management, offered through the School of
· MSc Transport Planning, offered through the Institute for Transport
· MRes in the Built Environment, offered through the School of Civil
· MSc(Eng) Environmental Engineering and Project Management, offered through
the School of Civil Engineering
· MSc(Eng) Waste Management, offered through the School of Civil Engineering

· MSc Mineral Resources and Environmental Geostatistics, offered through the
Department of Mining
· MSc Exploration and Environmental Geophysics, offered through the School
of Earth Science

Please let me know if you are interested in this proposal with a specific target area. As we receive many general applications already, our International Steering Group is reluctant in appointing more general agents in China (esp in Hangzhou as we have appointed one already). However, arrangements with a specific focus would be most welcome. We could work from this subject and hopefully build on the success and expand into other subject areas in future.

I look forward to hearing from you. I may send you more info later if required.

Min Li (Mrs)
International Liaison Officer
Leeds University

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