the cowherd and the girl weaver

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Long long ago, a clever and honesty boy named Niu Lang lived with his elder brother and the cruel sister-in-law.One day, his sister-in-law forced him to let off nine cows but to take back ten, if not,he wouldn’t return home.The boy was so sad as he couldn't find another cow.

A kind old man told him there is a sick cow in the forest, if he can take good care of it, he can go back home again!Then, the boy found the cow, but the cow was hurt badly.The warm-hearted boy cared for it for almost three months until the cow turned to be healthy again.

Then he got to know that is a magical cow!When Niu Lang came back with ten cows, his brother-in-law was still so angry that she drove him out of the home with the tenth cow.As the only friend, the magical cow told Niu Lang the way to find a kind and beautiful wife.With the help of the cow, Niu Lang got to know the cute and dexterous fairy named Zhi Nv who was the seventh daughter of the heaven.They were falling in love and was married.They enjoyed a happy life with one son and one daughter on the earth.

But finally the queen of heaven discovered,she was so annoyed as to separate the couple and take away Zhi Nv in the heaven.The magical cow told the poor guy when it was dead using its skin to make shoes then he would go to the sky.Following the word, Niu Lang wore the shoes to run after his wife with their children.

When the queen found them, she pulled off her hairpin to drop a line (it's the Silver Way today in the legend) between the couple.Therefore, Niu Lang and Zhi Nv could not get together anyway.But their deep love moved the queen,and she allowed them meet on 7th, July lunar month every year.On that day , thousands of magpies come to the Silver Way to set up a bridge for the couple.


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