8 stories from 8 years in China

Updated:  2018-03-16 16:00:27

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8 stories from 8 years in China

1) Amazing things about China: Bullet train, Maglev train.

I had a flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Sydney, and I went from Jinan to Shanghai by train. I arrived at 12:00 noon, and my flight was at 7:45 pm. I was thinking if I took the subway, it might take 40 minutes from the railway station to the airport. I bought the ticket and went inside the Maglev train. Many foreigners were taking photos of the train, and up she comes.

I entered and sat. It started and within two minutes, the speed was shown on the screen: 301km/h. I was stunned. After 8 minutes it stopped and there was an announcement: "Fei ji chang dao le" (we have arrived at our destination, the airport). Besides, after coming to china, I came to know that I can shop online. When it comes to online shopping, no one can compete with Taobao. You sit in your room and order something, and then it arrives at your doorstep—the craze is unstoppable., are other good examples.

2) There were tears in my eyes, as the young girl told my professor, "Wo tong guo le

Source: China Daily

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