Beijing subway overtakes Moscow as busiest

Updated:  2013-03-13 13:08:37

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Beijing 's subway lines have surpassed Moscow to become the world 's busiest after a record 10.27 million passengers travelled on the city 's rail transit network on Friday, Beijing Morning Post reported.

Russia 's subway lines used to handle the most passengers in the world, with a daily transportation of 8 to 9 million people.

"We will see the number of 10 million often in the future," said Zhan Minghui, director of the capital’s rail transportation command center.

Four new subway lines went into operation on Dec 30, 2012 in Beijing, bringing the total track length to 442 kilometers and making it the country 's longest subway network.

Among the total of 16 lines now running in the city, line 10 handles the most passengers. The subway transportation company plans to add 17 pairs of trains to this line and reduce departure intervals from the current 2.5 minutes to 2 minutes to facilitate traffic flow.


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