Nepal, China to join hands for Chinese language promotion

Updated:  2013-01-28 10:44:44

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KATHMANDU, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- Nepal and China on Friday stressed the need for promoting the Chinese language in Nepal for bilateral tourism prosperity.

In a discussion program organized by the Nepal China Language & Cultural Exchange Academy and China Radio International (CRI) Confucius Classroom Nepal, at Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu Friday, the two sides agreed to narrow down the linguistic differences between the two neighbors.

Speaking on the occasion, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yang Houlan said the tourism industry has become a platform for Nepal- China friendship and language serves as a bridge of communication between the two neighbors.

"Understanding each other 's language provides better guarantee for travel. Hence, the work of CRI and other institutions to teach the Chinese language in Nepal is commendable," Houlan said.

Chief Secretary of the Nepal government Lila Mani Poudel said that Nepal could learn a lot from China and language play an important role to understand the prosperous Chinese economy.

Noting arrival of Chinese tourists to Nepal increased by 10 folds in the past one year, Poudel underscored that Nepal 's economy could grow faster with more Chinese tourist arrivals.

He said that he would lobby concerned Nepali authorities to provide better visa facilities for Chinese nationals who want to visit Nepal to study the Nepali language.

"A rising China can boost Nepal 's economy. Hence, learning the Chinese language can help boost the national economy. Nepal should respect China 's sentiments and grow along for a better future," Poudel said.

Source: XINHUA

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