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Updated:  2012-11-20 15:33:41

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Today, Asian students are travelling to universities in the West in record numbers to earn degrees in science. However, the East is no stranger to scientific breakthrough and discovery. When Europe was muddling through the Middle Ages – a period infamously light on innovation – China was rolling out new applications for technologies invented by Eastern dynasties. Navigation by compass, gunpowder, paper making and moveable type – all of these originated in what is now modern-day China.

Universities in Asia continue to climb in the international rankings, and there’s no doubt that we’ll see a shift in the coming years, with students from the West flocking to universities in Asia. But for the time being, the best selection of internationally accredited science programs is still found in the Western hemisphere.

The number of Asian students studying abroad across all disciplines has hit a record high. The BBC ran a story last year indicating that 1.27 million Chinese students are studying overseas. India and South Korea are also sending record numbers of students to earn degrees outside their national boundaries. In fact, around the world, well over half of all students studying outside of their home country originate in Asia.

With this sort of mass academic exodus in play, some universities have had to institute quotas to limit the number of students from a particular Asian nationality into their programs. This makes the question of where to study all the more important to prospective Asian students.

Many who are pursuing a degree in science look straight to the US and UK, but there are many other strong and more affordable options available around the world. Australia offers a strong English-language environment with heavy tides of multiculturalism and better value for money at the university level. The Netherlands and Germany are also strong contenders in the fields of science and technology, with many  universities offering international postgraduate coursework in English.

Another often (and undeservedly) overlooked option is South Africa. Economically speaking, South Africa is on similar footing to emerging economies in the East. English is widely spoken; programs are internationally accredited and tuition is affordable. Even better, Asian powerhouses are investing heavily in South African trade at the moment, so graduates with networks in this part of the world will be highly sought-after in coming years.

Source: Asian Correspondent

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