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The website,, strives to be the first folklore portal in China. It aims at salvaging, exploring, neatening, protecting and passing down the excellent folklore culture. The most charming essence of folklore culture is shown to people through this website. In addition, with the help of the electronic commerce, the website leads the folklore culture industry to help itself, and creates a completely new channel to explore and operate the outstanding products of folk culture.


The website is composed of five major sections including Home, About Us, About Folklore, E-shop and Contact us. People can make a good sense of folklore culture through them, and get what they want to know and buy.


The website,, has set up the long-term symbiosis with Chinese Folk Literature and Art Society, China Folklore Society, Shaanxi Folk Literature and Art Society, Shaanxi Folklore Photography Society, etc.. What,s more, this website cooperated with Shaanxi Folklore Photography Society in establishing the website In addition, there are lots of folklore resources including vedio and pictures (, folk artists and art, folklore travel, etc, on this website.


The website,,will provide the special folklore information for customers, and endows the products with profound connotation of culture, so that the Chinese folklore will shine with new vigor and go to the world.
International Trade & Cooperation

There are a lot of folk products such as Paper-cuts, Shadow Play Puppets, Clay Figurine, Dough Sculpture etc, to sell. If you are interested in Chinese folk culture or our products, you can contact us. In addition, there are many commercial agents of us in Asia, Europe, etc. You can also cooperate with us by acting as our commercial agents. We will provide you with our products on time as we enjoy convenient transportation environment. Welcome to be our international commercial agents.



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