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Vast Chinese, wise blood, think of the calendar into Guoxue. Studies is a country,s academic; Guoxue thinking, it is the soul of Guoxue! 

I created the idea of the height of all mankind; "Dao De Jing" is the "Bible" have been translated into foreign languages after the circulation of the most famous world culture; according to the yin-yang theory I put forward the binary thinking of modern mathematical logic of the prototype. 

Confucianism of the eighteenth century Enlightenment, the French have had a profound impact on the title of the world,s top ten thinkers Confucius first Confucius College has swept the world. 

"The Art of War" has been known as the world,s first bin book, Military Science Festival, the first soldiers of the Code is a must-read textbook of the United States Military Academy at West Point .

Doctrine of pre-Qin philosophers thought, as a source of philosophical thought in China, after Confucius and Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi, Han Fei lvshang, and Dong Zhong-shu, Wang Fuzhi giants such as philosophy and history of innovation and development, the value of its super-times has been fully demonstrated. Guoxue China, China,s Guoxue thinking, has been a focus of world attention.


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