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Throughout five thousand years of Chinese history, celebrities come forth in large numbers. The reason why the Chinese that they can become celebrities, because of their spirit will always shine the light of the soul, as I before. 

"Life has always been who is not dead, according to dedicated loyalty." Wen left for my last words, the state will perish, and their yield again a more shameful surrender; "Gou benefit to the national life and death, good and bad fortune are not due to avoidance tend. "Lin told me that in a time when the national crisis head, as a country, I have no choice but to move forward;" to the day since I laugh, hepatobiliary fate of two Kunlun. "Tan to teach me, and surface Force refers to the knife in the neck, I do not regret it, because they value death; "home does not need reason, do not need reasons to return." Huang Cuifen Enlightenment action I, the motherland is always the root, is a postage prepaid final destination; "China has me, I am in Asia." Liu Xiang, the speed with Flying warned me to make because you are proud of the motherland.

Filial piety 

Living in more than 2000 years ago, Confucius said: "My old old, and old people; You love our children, as well as of David." He made me understand the true meaning of filial piety is to honor all of the elder world; Chen is bent on founding fathers to mothers Diaper wash, I deeply appreciate the high or low regardless of the identity of their parents, they have always been with me the next of kin to take care of me; in just the past year, Tian country shocked me, he,s part of his body - back to the critically ill renal mother, but also the mother of the world harvest comfort, so I know what is really Xiaogan world. I can not honor those who do the best, but can do better.


Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei with reminded me that with the sweetness and bitterness, to tide over difficulties encountered difficulties with friends, and to do our utmost to help, in the hesitation; Li Bai,s use of "千尺water depth, as Wang Lun gave me love" to Wang Lun performance friendship, from which I learned, to treat your friends to pay, rather than each other to obtain; "Life was a confidant enough," Lu suggested that I treat their friends, to a frank and really achieve the "I know , and friends; know friends, I also "the realm. 

Celebrities die loyalty that let me know the meaning of patriotism; celebrity world that the true sense of filial deeds to honor those who taught me the value of; celebrity among the great purity of friendship let me know the true meaning of friendship. 

I saw in the newspaper of the United States and Japan China Taiwan premeditated, the anger often filled with a whole heart; in the altercation took place with friends when the broader picture will appear in front of us; the moon at night in bed could not sleep for a long time, the lovely voice and happy parents inculcate in their minds will come to surface from time to time in the ear. 

Indeed, the fine tradition of the Chinese nation has a deep root in my heart was with the Chinese of the touching stories of famous people I have in mind, even if they did not feel like moving day, in their under the influence, I can toward Orient go where the brightest

(People) Health as a long, you and me is just one small drop, in spite of our extraordinary, but the rivers and the ocean has always been inseparable from us, so we have to believe that the greatest implication of the extraordinary. As long as we are willing to look squarely at our every day, we will seriously our ordinary life, to the glory of their own.

Short-lived life, is of a meteor across the sky; ordinary life is a strong growth of grass; and glorious life is success in life. Each of us are short-lived life, in this short span of time the key is are you able to create their own piece of glory. If our lives only to repeat the lives of the older generation, then what implications does it have life?

Perhaps in our life can not create out of Einstein,s brilliant, but we can create our own glory. If our lives only to repeat the older generation who get married and have children so what is the significance of life? [Repeat above] then we will become the life there is no stimulation, but never to as extraordinary, as are not known. Only by creating their own glory (,) will not be dull and boring life through this short-term.

Perhaps life is a kind of extraordinary, but as our lives would be very boring. And if we are short for their own life to create waves that, a little excitement, the older generation who has not left a layer of (into) the same path in life so, as our lives will be interesting (,) and will not be their short-term regrets are born.

Perhaps the needs of glorious life is to struggle, we need the courage to face all the difficulties that may exist. However, as will feel that their life is very exciting. In which you always have to have the time to not slowly eat their own young the ideal time to form the seeds of the fruit, you will not regret for their own life, you will sigh and exciting life of their own enrichment.

Life is really short, perhaps we should not repeat that one has left a blot the way so many people. We should find that one of their own, it will be a very exciting, very exciting. In which his own life to the courageous struggle and danger, the courage to go to glory, into the future. So that it will not for their own life and regret.

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