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Mao Tse-tung

Mao was born in Xiangtan,Hunan,China in 1893. He was very famous, not only because he was a leader of Communist Party of China, but also because he commanded Army of Communist Party to drive the troops of Guomindang to Taiwan,and finally built Republic of China. But,it,s pity, at old age, Mao became a person he wanted to beat down at his youth.

Since Mao was a young man,He chased liberty,democracy and objected to feudalism and autarchist in heat. He followed the Three People,s Principles (Nationalism, Democracy and the People#s Livelihood) put forward by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and he became a few people that built Communist Party of China at his age of twenty-eight in 1921.

After that, he went to countryside of Hunan,investigated peasants and wrote a famous report called,,in 1927. It was one of the great events of that year in the economic struggle of the Hunan.

Mao Tse-tung spent thirty-two days in Hunan Province to making an investigation and he wrote this report in order to answer these criticisms.By that time,Hunan Province was then the centre of the peasant movement in China. Then, he went to Guangzhou, and he taught in the National Institute of Peasant Movement, Guangzhou, furthermore, he became a very famous leader of peasant movement in China.

After broken partnership of Communist Party and Guomindang , Mao pobulised a famous words,"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Then he Organized and led "Autumn Harvest Uprising in Hunan-Jiangxi Border Region",and built workers, and peasants, Red Army of China.He became a leader of Red Army.

In 1931, Mao and his comrade in army built Soviet Republic of China in Jiangxi province,and he had been elected to be the chairman in temporary government. Sinc 1930,Jiang-jieshi, leader of Guomindang and President of China by that time, commanded his Army of guomindang, attacked Soviet Republic of China in Jiangxi province for five times continuously. At last time,Red Army was defeated. From 1934 to 1936,Mao and Red Army began Long March, and went to Yanan.

After 8 years of anti-Japan war and 5 years of civil war between Communist Party and Guomindang, finally, Mao and Communist Party of China overcame Army of Guomindang. In 1949, Mao and Communist Party of China founded the People#s Republic of China. Since that year,Mao was a last one of feudal emperors in China.

In the age of peace ,the most important things is economic development.Although Mao was very good at war and writing Chinese ancient poetry ,but he was very bad at how to do economic development. So,vice president of China,called Liu-shaoqi,who got chance to lead the job of economic development.between 1960 to 1965,Liu got a huge succeed. Rapidly,Liu,s authority exceeded Mao. people Stared to hang Mao,s picture and liu,s picture together anywhere on the wall,and people always cheered,"long long life of Chairman Mao!" and cheered,,long long life of chairman Liu!"

Mao very hated situation like that. According to the Chinese costomed, "it,s impossible that there#re tow tigers in one mountain as a king of animal" , and another famous words said," it,s impossible that there,re tow suns on the sky." Mao felt he should thought that how to remove from Liu.He thought:the best way was that to make a mass movement to get rid of him. In 1966, Mao went to Shanghai and incited high school students to knock down Liu.He said that there is a bad man in our party(Communist), he wanted to change the red color of our socialism into blak color of capitalism, did you agree? And he said somethings to hint who was him. Of course they didn,t agree. They side: "knock down him and step on him,let him can not stand up for ever!" Mao#s words is like a torch to lightened their mind and fired their passion of sea.

The fire spreaded to Beijing quickly. These students, called "hong wei bin",became a huge powerful group around hole china.They had right and ability to beat down anyone. They beated Liu to dead and many other people included many comrades that Mao wanted to remove from,and also they beated many artists,writer,scientists. with very cruel way. The hole China broken up many different groups That attacked each other with gun and stick.

Finally,there were millions of people dead. The mass movement stared by Mao,called "culture revolution" until Mao,s dead in 1976.

Mao was very succeed as a machinator.He beaten whoever he wanted without one of his finger.All the people in China adored him and feared him.He became a sun only on sky,his power as same as God. He spent more than half century to became a great man and became a feudalism and an autarchist from a young man chased liberty,democracy and object to feudalism and autarchist in heat.


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