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In traditional Chinese culture and education in the philosophy of yin and yang elements, the Confucian ethical concepts, nutrition Chinese medicine theory, there are cultural and artistic achievements, restaurants aesthetic fashion, national character traits under the influence of many factors to create a shine in the annals of the Chinese cooking skills, a profound knowledge of Chinese food culture. 

From History, China#s food culture stretching over 170 years, divided into raw, cooked food, natural cooking, science and cooking four stages of development, introduced more than 60,000 kinds of traditional dishes, more than 20,000 kinds of industrial food, and the bright lights of the Yanyan Streamer Yi Cai flavor schools, and the "cooking empire" reputation. 

From connotation, China Food Culture relates to the development of water sources and use, the use of utensils and innovation in food production and consumption, food service and hospitality, food and beverage industry and the food industry operation and management, as well as food and drink and peace , restaurants and literary arts, food and the relationship between the realm of life, profound broad. 

From the extension,
China#s food culture from the era and techniques, geographic and economic, ethnic and religious, food and utensils, and the consumption level, folk and function to classify various angles, demonstrating different cultural tastes of different value, the colorful. 

From the characteristics, China#s food culture prominent custody useful business-charge of (mainly vegetarian, and attention Diet), Five reconcile Realm (distinctive flavor, palatability, Jindo, "tongue dishes," Fitch), is surprising inter-change Pengdiaofa (kitchen regulation-oriented, flexible), Cheong God builds character and the concept of food (Wenzhibanban, and conducted education Fresh), the four major attributes, overseas countries have different cultural and natural diet Lizhi. 

From the impact, China#s food culture directly affects Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and other countries, is the core of Oriental restaurants cultural circles; At the same time, it also indirectly affect Europe, the Americas, Africa and Oceania, vegetarian culture like China, the tea culture, vinegar sauce, pasta, medicated food, ceramic tableware, and soybeans, have benefited hundreds of billions of people around the world. 

In short, the Chinese food culture is a kind of wide horizons, deep-level, multi-angle, high-grade long-standing regional culture, it is the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in more than 100 years of production and life practice, in the water source development, the development of utensils, food conditioning, nutrition, health care and diet, such as aesthetic aspects of creation, accumulation and affect neighboring countries and the world of material wealth and spiritual wealth.

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