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Since its founding in 1999, China TEFL Network (CTN) has been a bridge between educational institutions and professionals around the world. The CTN website is devoted to offering a vast database of schools and universities to place teachers, enroll international students and establish cooperative relationships with foreign educational institutions in China. Having already established relationships with over 900 institutions and universities around the world, CTN is one of the top ranked organizations of its field in China.

In 1999, CTN was established under the authority of Zhejiang University with the express purpose of working to utilize the university’s talents and resources to build a regional, cross-industry educational network. Since then, CTN has established itself as an industry leading private recruitment organization. CTN was the first such private organization accredited by the Zhejiang State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and continues to be one of only ten officially recognized private companies in the province. Now, with access and connections to hundreds of domestic educational institutions, CTN aids in the recruitment and placement of educational professionals all over China. Every year CTN helps thousands of educators, students and institutions find positions, programs and talented individuals suited to their needs. In addition, the CTN website has also become a means for each group to freely communicate with one another and establish connections with domestic and international organizations.

Thousands of teachers have been successfully placed in well-suited positions at major universities and educational institutions throughout China with the help of CTN. Teachers seeking positions in China can receive individualized care in finding the right institution, and can be given detailed information support about the culture, location and process of coming to China. Institutions in need of qualified teachers also regularly turn to CTN’s extensive database of educational professionals seeking positions in China. Schools and Universities can be given individualized care by CTN’s staff in finding the right individual from the thousands of possibilities.

The staff at CTN are experienced and fully qualified to service their clients in English or Chinese. Based in the capital city of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, CTN is ready to help with your domestic or international needs. Providing our clients with the best service and over ten years of experience is CTN’s goal. Whether you’re a student, teacher or organization, look to CTN to help you in achieving your goals.

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