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Wuhan Institute of Technology

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Wuhan Institute of Technology (hereafter simply referred to as WIT) was established in 1973 by the former Electronic Industry Ministry of China. WIT has a history of 30 year up to now. In the March of 1999, the school merged with other schools and was renamed as Wuhan Institute of Technology with the approval of the Chinese Education Ministry.

WIT has seven schools, they are, Telecommunication & Information Technology school, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School, Computer Technology and Software Application School, Foreign Language School, Business School, Fashion Design and Fine Art School, International School; Five departments, that are, Civil Construction Engineering Department, Human Studies & Social Science Department, Biology Engineering Department, Tourism and Planning Department, Art Design Department. WIT has Social Occupation and Vocational Education Research Institute and Mechanical and Electrical Applied Technology Research Institute.

The total value of laboratory and training equipment is 56.50 millions RMB. WIT has more than 32 training centers for different purposes, that are, CAD, Computer simulation, numerical control, information technology, modern model technology, mechanical CAD/CAM, 83 well equipped laboratories, more than 9500 sets teaching and training instruments and equipment, more than 2800 computers. The number of staff of the institute is 1142, of which 889 are teachers. The number of staff with the rank of associate professor or above are more 190. This year above 16,000 full time students are enrolled.

The area of its campus is 1210 mu (equivalent to 80 hectares), of which the under cover area is approximately 380,000 square meters. WIT has more than 30 training centers for different purposes, that are, CAD, Computer simulation, numerical control, information technology, modern model technology, mechanical CAD/CAM, 60 well equipped laboratories, more than 5000 sets teaching and training instruments and equipment, more than 2000 computers. The number of staff of the institute is approximate 900, of which 590 are teachers. The number of staff with the rank of associate professor or above are more than 130. There are approximate 13000 full time students studying in the institute.

The Social occupation & Vocational Education Research Institute has undertaken and completed approximate 10 national vocational and technical education research projects. Hua Tai Mechanical and Electronic Technology Research Institute has developed a couple of new applicable products such as electric power consumption limiting device, frequency modulation education wireless station.

WIT is located in the core zone of China IT Center in Wuhan, enjoying convenient transportation and fantastic environment.

Construction and Development of the Departments

In order to adapt itself to the development of the socialist market economy, Wuhan Institute of Technology (hereafter simply referred to as WIC) has gradually established a new-type talent educating and training pattern. The Institute puts great emphasis on developing students’ comprehensive capabilities, and actively promotes the reformation of discipline structure, course system, teaching content and teaching methodology. In addition to these, the institute also lays great stress on developing students in terms of independence and innovation as well as their capacities of application and practice. In this way, the graduates from WIT become talents with comprehensive capabilities step by step.

Brief Introduction to the departments:

Mechanical and Electrical EngineeringSchool

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1973.It has been one of the key departments of our institute for 30 years. At present there are 1,500 students in this department, and 28 out of 40 teachers are professors or associate professors.

This department offers six disciplines: Mechanical Design andManufacturing and Their Automation, Mechatronics, Numerical ControlTechnology and its Application, Electrical Engineering and Automation,Computer Aided Mechanical Design, Die Mold Design & Manufacturing.

It has advanced teaching installations and facilities forexperimentation and practice. There are also 25 specialized labs and12 technical centers, including Mechanical CAD/CAM Technical Center,MechanicalDesignCenter, MechanicalManufacturingTechnicalCenter, MechanicalMeasurementTechnicalCenter, Auto-controlTechnicalCenter, Die & MoldDesignTechnicalCenter, and CNCTechnicalCenter.

In this department, the teachers have compiled lots of teaching materials and over twenty textbooks have been published.

The teachers of the department have published more than twenty theses in the periodicals at different levels in our country.

Computer Technology and SoftwareApplicationSchool

The Department of Computer Science now has over 1800 students. In it 11 out of 49 teachers are professors and associate professors, It has three diploma programs: Computer Applications & Maintenance, Computer Network & Multimedia Technology, Computer Software and Information Management. And it includes Video Frequency Technology, Computer Maintenance, Network Management, Web site Construction, Multimedia Design, Network Security, Software Development andInformationManagement.

The department possesses HardwareExperimental & TrainingCenter, SoftwareDevelopmentCenter, NetworkTechnologyCenter,and Computer Aided instructing Center. It has set up a number of basesin enterprises for student to practice, such as ShenZhen Hua Wei Group, TCL Network Company and Wuhan Tu Lin Science & Technology Development L.T,D.

The teachers of the department have compiled some teachingmaterials, over 20 of which have beenpublished. This departmenthas a National Computer High-tech Testing Station.And it is also oneof the National Computer Grade Testing Stations authorized by ATA in the U.S. andby the Education Ministry of China.

Telecommunication & Information Technology school

In the Department of Electronic and telecom engineering there are nearly 3000 students and 90 teachers, 23 of whom are professors or associate professors. And the department has specially engaged three nationally well-known professors.

It has established three specialities of Electronic Information Technology, Telecommunication Technology and Photoelectron Technology, including 12 disciplines which overlap the latest application domain in electronic information technology and telecommunication technology. This department possesses a basic electronic experimental center and a base of nearly 2,000m2 for practice and training.

It attaches great importance to application research and the development of new products. The faculty pays great attention to international exchanges. It has established regular academic relationship with colleges in Singapore, Belgium, Denmark and so on. Nowadays, there have been nearly 10,000 graduates from this faculty, which has made great contributions to the construction of our country.

The teachers of this school have compiled about 10 textbooks in the new century. In total, 30 theses written by the teachers have b