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Kid Castle Educational Institute

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Kid Castle Educational Institute

Kid Castle Educational Institute started way back in 1986 as a single branch in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the ensuing 17 years, under the leadership of founder and general manager William Guo-An Wang, Kid Castle has steadily grown into one of the premier English-language teaching organizations in Taiwan and Mainland China. Today there are over 250 Kid Castle preschools and language schools, and more than 1500 schools using teaching materials edited and published by Kid Castle.

At Kid Castle Language Schools, there are, on average, 15-20 students per class, aged between 3 and 12 years and separated into classes according to age and English level. They sit in a u-shaped arrangement, focusing on the teacher who conducts the lesson from the front of the class. The classroom is an English-only environment so it is up to the teacher to discourage the students from speaking Chinese.

At Kid Castle Preschools, the students, aged between 2.5 and 6, will either be sitting on the floor or at a table depending on the subject being taught. The classrooms are set up in proportion to the students - chair and table sizes are adjusted accordingly so you may well feel like Gulliver entering Lilliput.

The Kid Castle curriculum is well established in the form of texts and lesson aids for all its programs. While our teachers do not have to bring their own materials to Kid Castle, they would do well to bring along some ideas and creativity. We supply teacher#s books that present lesson outlines and suggest activities to practice the lesson#s objectives, but only the teacher knows what works best for his or her individual class. This knowledge can be more valuable than what one could glean from any book.

In both the language school and preschool, the focus of our curriculum is on spoken rather than written English. Students start with the ABCs and progress on to more advanced conversation and grammar patterns during their time with us. Naturally, the curriculum is tailored to suit the age of the students. No matter what level of students or from what text you are teaching, the Kid Castle curriculum gives you the freedom to present and practice the material as you see fit.

At Kid Castle, full time teachers work up to thirty hours over a five-day week. These hours are comprised of two-thirds either teaching or contact hours in the classroom, and one-third preparation or administrative hours in the office. In terms of day-to-day obligations, teachers must prepare for their classes. This includes making a lesson plan or outline for each class as well as making or gathering any props or teaching aids you may use to enhance your presentation. It is especially important with younger language school and preschool students to prepare visual aids and activities. These include flashcards (pictures of words you want to teach), real objects or models, playing games and singing songs. But this is what makes teaching young learners so much more fun.

So if you think you might like to come and work for Kid Castle, what should you do next? We at the Kid Castle Foreign Personnel Department are here to guide you through the application process and help you enjoy your time teaching and living overseas. If you are interested in working in China, the first thing you should do is read through the vacancies below and decide which one(s) you are interested in, then contact us via email, telephone or post to let us know you saw us here on China TEFL and are interested in teaching with Kid Castle; we at the Kid Castle Foreign Personnel Department will guide you through the application process from there. If you would like to read more first, or are interested in teaching in Taiwan, then please visit our  look forward to hearing from you soon!