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Donghua university

Eastern China|Shanghai


Starting as a foreign language teaching section of Donghua university in the 1950’s, our Foreign Languages College has transformed itself into a school embracing postgraduate and undergraduate students. Our faculties have achieved high levels of competence in their fields, and always hold dear the commitment to instilling in our students diligence and discipline. To our joy, our graduates, in return for that, are pragmatic and proficient in their specialization.

With further development of our school, it continues to expand its service in Donghua University and is inviting high caliber English-speaking people to join us.

English teachers

Job Duties:

-To assist college-level students in improving English pronunciation and fluency by drawing on various activities and exercises.

-To have at least 16 periods (one period lasts 45 minutes) a week.

-To attend the department staff meeting on Tuesday afternoons.

-To deliver the assigned classes on either campus of the present two, the main campus located at West Yan’an Road and the Songjiang Campus about 40 minutes away by school bus.

-To deliver one or two lectures during a semester.

Job Requirements:

-University degree or above.

-At least two years’ working experience (having teaching experience is an edge).

-Strong organizational skills.

Job Rewards and Benefits:

-Salary RMB5,000 monthly.

-Boarding allowance of RMB3,000 a month.

-Domestic travel subsidy of RMB1,100 each time. Travel twice a year on the condition of a two-semester contract with us.