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National Institute of Technology

Eastern China|Beijing


About Us

National Institute of Technology (NIT) is the only authorized educational institution for delivering the WACE/TEE program in China. NIT has been the leader in international education field for more than 10 years, and has won the high reputation based on the excellent achievement made by pervious NIT students. The course we offer including: nine-year compulsory education, Western Australian high school course, international university program, intensive English training course as well as kindergarten.


We are located in Louzizhuang, close to Beijing Capital International Airport in Chaoyang District, Beijing. School campus is famous for its “European-style” architecture, high tech facilities and convenient transportation.


Human Resource Development Strategy:

NIT focuses on the career development of our staff, and aim to provide competitive pay, great organizational culture, and professional development and staff training program.

Here you will meet:

l        Education elites with international background

l        Outstanding returned overseas and remarkable English teachers

l        Lovely students from all over the country (some even from foreign countries) yearning for knowledge.


Interested candidates are invited to send you CV, photo and expected salary to:




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