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Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School

Eastern China|Zhejiang


Greentown Education---- undertakings of a group of idealist Job Announcement -- 2009

Zhejiang Greentown Education Investment Co, Ltd is located at Hangzhou, China. It is a private company investing and managing schools of the Greentown Education Group. From its establishment in 2001 up to now, it has invested in 13 schools with around 8000 students from age 3 to 18 and 700 school employees. Greentown Education provides schooling at pre-school, basic and vocational education levels. It consists of 7 kindergartens, a primary school, an elementary & junior school, a football school, a secondary school and a vocational college as well as a share-hold school. It is formed by a group of idealists who want to implement ideal education through the establishment of first-league schools. Greentown Education wants to promote its schools to be leading ones in China through the educational endeavors of being excellent, research orientated, international, distinct and keeping up with modernity.

The company is currently in need of 3 foreign teachers to fill the following teaching positions starting from September 1st, 2009.


1. English Teacher for Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School (Kids aged 7-13 years old).
2. English Teacher for Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua kindergarten (Kids aged 3-6 years old)
3. English Teacher for Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Lanting kindergarten (Kids aged 3-6 years old)

 Salary Package:

Salary stars from 6,000 RMB yuan /month (base + bonus) with other benefits.
Salary package mainly includes a monthly base salary, performance-related bonus, free housing, insurance and an international round-trip ticket for a one-year contract.

More detailed job descriptions will be provided upon request.

Candidates are expected to have at least a relevant university degree with either a teaching certificate or sufficient teaching/training experience.

Please send your resumes and contact to Amy Xiang (program coordinator) for more details.

Contact information:


Tel: +86-571-88477450


 Info about the Recruiting Schools

Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School
It is established in 2004 with an investment of 190 million RMB Yuan. Its campus covers an area of 13.8 acres and it has a total building floor around 64 thousand m2. The school is well-known in Hangzhou City for its beautiful campus, state of the art educational equipment and facilities as well as its advanced educational philosophy and teaching methodology. It provides both boarding and day schooling for students from all over the province. The school provides its students with small-size class, safe and comfortable student dormitory with “family style” management. The relationship between teachers and students, between school and parents are constructive and harmonic. All of these ensure its students health development with self-confident, self-improving and self-supporting qualities. For more information about the school please visit: