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Any tips for motivating students to speak more English?

    I find that one of the biggest challenges in teaching English is making students feel

    comfortable and confident about speaking out loud in English. Many speak much better than


2012/9/28 14:03:39 回复

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Cuby Miller


It probably depends how old your students are, but with my adult students the two biggest

wins are:

1) Romance. Dating and marriage, etc.
2) Themselves. Folks love to talk about themselves.

Of course, those two topics only seem to go so far, and even then there are some students

who just wont respond. I have to do an English Corner every day at my current job, and I

often end up ripping my hair out thinking of topics that will get them going.
2012/9/28 14:17:44

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why don't be creative, ask them to make a sketch or a play, you just guide them, make

English fun
what i know and really work  is that when Chinese make jokes about foreigners... so dig on


2012/9/28 14:18:59

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