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Do you study Chinese?

    For those of you who came here to work / teach. How often do you

    study Chinese?

2012/9/28 13:57:09 回复

Higheat Voted



I'll go hit up a Chinese learning website when I get bored.  Otherwise, I don't put a whole

lot of effort into it.  It's quite convenient sometimes when I don't feel like conversing

with someone....ting bu dong (it's usually true).

2012/9/28 14:20:49

Answers (2)



No, the Chinese study me (everywhere I go in public).

2012/9/28 14:35:42

Cuby Miller


I have learned Chinese language in Tongji University in shanghai for eight months which is

the amount of time required to learn the language before beginning your major in Chinese, I

study business administration in Chinese language in Nanjing , got to tell you its very

difficult and challenging, just have too many Chinese friends to practice your language and

do much  mp3 audio listening and much readying then try to use what you

2012/9/28 14:16:44

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