Who can be employed for foreign experts

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    Foreign experts are defined according to the Chinese economic development and the social development need, should Chinese government agencies, enterprises and institutions and other organizations hired as well as by the transnational enterprise or other organization, working in China, foreign professionals collectively.According to the provisions of the competent departments of foreign experts, the following foreign professionals can foreign experts ID Application to work in china:


    (1) for the implementation of government, international organizations, foreign trade agreement between agreement and contract, apply for work in China foreign professional technical or managerial personnel;
    (2) candidates in China engaged in education, scientific research, news, publication, culture, art, health, sports and so on foreign professional personnel;
    (3) candidates in China's enterprises as deputy general manager position, or enjoy the same treatment foreign senior professional technical and management personnel;
    (4) by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs approved overseas experts organizations or talent agency of resident representative offices in China of foreign representative;
    (5) candidates in China engaged in economic, technical, engineering, trade, finance, accounting, taxation, tourism and other fields of work, with special expertise in China, shortage of foreign professional and technical or managerial personnel.


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